Italian Cops Donate Face Mask To Elderly Man Who Ran Out Of Bread

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Amongst all of the tragic stories which have been coming out of Italy over the past few weeks, this one stood out to our team of social media publishers because it sums up the community spirit needed to get us through the COVID-19 pandemic. 

When an elderly gentleman ran out of bread, he had no choice but to go outside and buy some more. 

But there were no spare masks around, so he had to venture out without the added protection of his mouth and nose being covered. 

But when two Italian police officers saw the man, they asked him why he was outside without a facemask on. 

Police: Why aren’t you wearing a mask?

Man: I just can’t find any more anywhere.

Police: But you’re one of the most at risk. Look, I have one here. I’ll put it for you. And please if you want anything else look for me around here, I’ll be here’.

My Italy you are an amazing country, thank you!’

One minute we are reading stories about some idiots in Kent (UK) who decided to drill holes in the tyres of SIX emergency ambulances, the next minute we are reading heart-warming stories like this one. 

The contrast of the two stories and the morals of some people could not be starker. 

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