Domino’s Pizza Offers FREE Pizza To NHS Staff

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As we brace ourselves for the ***t storm that is heading our way and as we wonder whether the Government has/is doing enough to keep us all safe, more private companies are stepping forward to do that they can to help and support the amazing men and women who work in the NHS/health sector. 

A few days ago, we shared a story regarding the fact that McDonald’s had decided to offer members of the emergency services/NHS free drinks. 

And while not all restaurants in the chain are getting involved, the majority of them are. 

And now it would seem that Domino’s Pizza (Hessle) has stepped forward and said that they are also willing to help NHS staff who perhaps do not have the time to feed themselves.  

We are hearing reports that overworked and exhausted NHS staff are not able to keep their energy levels up owing to the unnecessary and wholly selfish attitude of the hoards of people who are panic buying food and other essential items. 

Imagine finishing a 16-hour shift in A&E or an ICU unit to then go to the shops only to find that the people you are trying to save, have taken all of the food, leaving you with next to nothing to eat before you have to go back to work and contend with another 16-18 hour shift?

And this is why the offer that is being made by Domino’s Pizza (Hessle) is such a great one. 

At the moment, the offer will only run on Friday 20th March. But fingers crossed, more proposals such as this one will pop up. 

Of course, you still need to eat healthily for your immune system to be at its best should you get COVID-19. 

But when it comes to calories, then we all know that a pizza will help shift workers to muster the energy they are going to need over the next few weeks and months. 

In a post shared on their Facebook page, Domino’s Pizza (Hessle) announced:

“We want to say thank you to all of our doctors, nurses and NHS staff who are working day and night tirelessly to keep us safe in these difficult times. 

“This Friday we are giving free pizza to all NHS staff across all of our DS Group Domino’s branches.

“To redeem your free medium pizza for collection, bring your ID into one of the stores listed below on Friday 20th March.

Eligible stores:







Doncaster – Harworth







Huddersfield – St John’s Road

Huddersfield – Wakefield Road

Hull (all stores)



Liverpool – Hunts Cross

Liverpool – Allerton Road

Liverpool – Aigburth Road




Sheffield – Fox Valley






Borough Green



Herne Bay

Hither Green

London – Honor Oak


Paddock Wood






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  1. That’s a great offer but what about your dominos shop in rustington and firing west sussex??

  2. Not in Milton Keynes and their Head Office is just down the road from Milton Keynes Hospital.

  3. Why not do the same for the poor shop assistants who find no food after their shift and are putting up with abuse from some customers plus have the risk of infection? They still have to work.

    1. Yes please birmingham and the west midlands not included why not😕

  4. What about healthcare and nhs workers in the South west in Plymouth?

  5. What about Swansea NHS staff and emergency services, poor shop assistants working long hours.

  6. Great offer but should be available nationwide to all key workers and frontline staff who do not have the time to shop

  7. Wow can’t believe that not one person actually thanked you for your generous support. I work for the NHS and you don’t have the offer near me but I’m still grateful to you XX

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