Dog Driving Around In Tiny Car Gets Pulled By The Cops

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When some police officers in Heidelberg West, Australia, started their shift, I bet the LAST thing they expected to see as they went on patrol was a dog that was riding around in an electric car. 

But that is precisely what they did end up seeing. 

As the cops were driving through the area, they noticed a dog that was riding along the pavement in a black ‘Mercedes’.

Officer Lynda Giblett told the Herald Sun:

“Heidelberg Crime Scene Services pulled over Buddy, who was going for a joy ride in his fresh Mercedes.

“Blind and deaf, this 15-year-old speedster cruises around town with his owner Terri”.

Just to confirm, the dog, ‘Buddy’, was not controlling the electric car on its own. The dog’s owner was controlling the small vehicle via remote control. 

15-year-old ‘Buddy’ is deaf and blind but enjoys being taken out in the Mercedes by his owner. His owner wanted to still take ‘Buddy’ out so that he can enjoy the many scents of the fresh air. 

And the electric car enables Buddy’s owner to do just that.

Needless to say that after a quick photo opportunity, Buddy was allowed to carry on with his leisurely drive in his brand new Merc. 

Image credit: Victoria Police | Facebook

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