Could This Be The World’s Strangest Police Report?

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Let’s face it, our brave emergency services see and witness things which would not look out of place in an ‘X-Files’ movie. 

While there is no doubt an even mix of funny and bizarre stories to tell, some of these stories dwell right on the fringes of ‘wtf’. 

And this is one such story. 

One of our followers sent us some details of a police report which stood out as being one of those ‘wtf’ stories. 

‘The vehicle came to a complete stop in an inground swimming pool. 

‘The suspect sustained numerous scratches and bite marks to the hands, face, stomach and arms’. 

See what I mean when I said that this was a ‘wtf’ story…There’s no word on how the raccoon was following its ordeal. 

The real question is, how does a drunk man manage to catch a raccoon!? And how does he managed to get it to exhale into a breathalyser!? 

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