Attention Seeking ‘Idiot’ Who Slated The NHS Vanishes From Social Media

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Quite a few of our ‘Daily Ditters‘ sent us screenshots of a vile message that was written by someone who clearly is after some attention during this national emergency. 

Ordinarily, we don’t ‘feed the trolls’ by giving them publicity, but this troll, or rather, the reaction to him, was different. 

As a publisher on social media, we are not allowed to mention the name or reveal the profile of the individual who we are talking about. But most of you know who the individual is anyway. 

The troll seems to have retreated back to its cave

Of the hundreds of thousands of people who would have seen the screenshots of this numpty’s post, I am relatively sure that no-one other than fellow trolls would have agreed with what he said. 

But hopefully, this exercise will remind trolls who are seeking attention that, in the end, the attention they seek will only end up making them feel more lonely and even more irrelevant. 

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