Arcade Causes A Stir After Putting Bog Roll And Hand Sanitiser In Grabber Machine

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For nearly a week now, we have been having to contend with wiping our backsides with leaves and washing our hands in anything that resembles hand sanitiser. 

And this is all because ‘we’ panic bought items which didn’t need to be panic bought. 

People have bought enough toilet roll to last them many years and in doing so have deprived many of us with the ability to be able to wipe our butts with toilet roll. 

Instead, we have resorted to using everyday items like socks, pants and basil leaves to ensure that our butts stay clean. 

Credit: Rob Braddick | Facebook

Anyone who has used one of these machines already knows that they NEVER work. 

I used to live in a seaside town, and each time I saw someone playing one of these ‘grabber’ machines, then the look of disappointment would soon appear on the face of anyone willing to waste their money on trying to grab the worthless ‘prizes’. 

But ‘Ho Barts’ amusement arcade in Westward Ho! decided to replace the usual array of cheap toys with highly prized hand sanitiser and toilet roll.

The idea was the brainchild of arcade owner Rob Braddick.

Credit: Rob Braddick | Facebook

On his Facebook page on Monday, he posted pictures of the newly stocked machines saying: 

“This is all getting ‘Loo-dicrous’ in Westward Ho!, that small Carex hand sanitiser is nearly as rare as hen’s teeth.”

As far as publicity stunts go, then this is probably a fairly decent one. 

But the fact remains there are probably more toilet rolls and bottles of hand sanitizer in that machine than there are in the local shops. 

Which, considering we are in a pandemic, is probably is not ideal. 

But let us know what you think in the comments below! Is this just a good publicity stunt or is it lousy taste? 

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