‘A Frightened Paramedic’ | Anon

This short poem was sent into us by a follower. It makes for a sombre read but reflects a serious concern amongst frontline NHS and emergency services personnel. 

Surely our country can do better than this? Surely ‘we’ as a country can do more to protect the men and women who are running head-first into the danger presented by COVID-19?? 

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“P*ss Poor Equipment, I have a paper mask. To protect from any drops; Would a proper filter be too much to ask? 

I have a plastic apron. It is very thin. It blows in the wind, to press against my skin. 

I also have some gloves. Non-latex you know. All this to protect me. Wherever I may go.

Out to poorly patients. With COVID? Who knows? I mustn’t forget to wash my hands, before I scratch my nose! 

Doctors and Nurses, need equipment even more. They’re exposed for hours. In this virological turf war 

All on The Front line, deserve better protection. Or there’ll be far fewer. When cases hit their peak projection”.

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One thought on “‘A Frightened Paramedic’ | Anon

  1. The British government has been giving P poor equipment to the front line people for as long as there’s been a British government

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