Iconic ‘Gives Peas A Chance’ Bridge On M25 Becomes ‘Thank You NHS’

If you have driven around the M25 over the past few years, then, chances are, you probably would have seen the ‘Give peas a chance’ graffiti that was painted on a bridge located between junctions 16 and 17. 

The iconic message acted almost as a ‘beacon’ for motorists to let them know that their journey was coming to an end or that they were getting closer to their destination. 

The graffiti was removed some time ago, but the few motorists who are on the M25 at the moment probably would have noticed by now that the ‘give peas a chance’ slogan has now been replaced by ‘thank you NHS’. 

It isn’t known exactly when the new message was painted on to the bridge. 

But hopefully, this message won’t be removed because the feeling that it invokes is shared amongst the vast majority of the population.

In other news, a petition has been started to ensure that, once this national emergency is over, then the men and women of the NHS are celebrated every year with an official ‘NHS Day’. 

The petition has been set up by John Johnson, Editor of ‘Emergency Services News‘. 

In the introduction to the online petition, John said:

‘During this time of national emergency, our NHS is facing an unprecedented workload from the devastating effects of the COVID-19 pandemic.

‘Our country is on a ‘war front’ with a microscopic enemy which, currently, only our immune systems can fight.

‘On a daily basis, the amazing men and women who are serving on the front line of the NHS are risking their own lives in order to save the lives of complete strangers. 

‘Once the national emergency and COVID-19 pandemic has passed, then we owe it to the NHS to never forget what they did for us; what they tried to do for us. 

‘Front line staff are moving out of their homes to reduce the risk of their family members getting COVID-19. Each day, they confront a virus which could kill them while the rest of us are able to stay at home and ‘hide’ from the virus.

‘We must never take the NHS for granted.

‘And that is what a national ‘NHS Day’ will strive to ensure.

‘Any monies raised from such a day will go into providing mental health provisions and aftercare for the frontline NHS & emergency services personnel who, over the coming weeks, will witness some truly tragic sights. 

‘The heart of the nation is with our NHS and emergency services. But it must always be with them and not just during this national emergency’.

If you would like to add your name to the petition, then follow this link: change.org/p/uk-parliament-to-have-an-official-nhs-day 

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One thought on “Iconic ‘Gives Peas A Chance’ Bridge On M25 Becomes ‘Thank You NHS’

  1. Just now we are celebrating the NHS but please don’t forget all the other people who are needed to keep the country going the humble post man handling 2000 items a day and there are lots of others.
    On another note there is going to be a motorbike ride out next year to celebrate ALL the key workers and it’s looking like could be nation wide

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