Youths AND Their Parents To Be Prosecuted After Gang ‘Corona-Cough’ In The Faces Of NHS Staff

Now and again, you read a story that really makes your urine boil as you try to make sense of the utter stupidity displayed by some of our fellow human beings. 

This is one such story. 

Although must of us probably displayed signs of being ‘a little rascal’ when we were navigating through puberty, I doubt very much that any of you would have been stupid or pathetic enough to want to cough in the faces of NHS staff in the hope of making them think that they would become infected with a deadly virus during a national emergency. 

But that is precisely what a group of idiotic youths did when they saw some brave and heroic NHS staff. 

Warrington Police tweeted to say:

“We have attended reports of a group of youths coughing at NHS staff stating they have Coronavirus. 

“The youths will be prosecuted as will their parents. 

“Parents/ persons with PR make sure your children STAY INSIDE. 

“You too can and will be prosecuted if you fail to do so”.

The news that police can and will prosecute parents should their out-of-control offspring act like complete buffoons will perhaps be a shock to most parents. 

But when we have groups of youths smashing up hospitalsspitting on police officers in the hope that the officers will get COVID-19 and assaulting NHS staff, then something drastic needs to be done. 

The CPS has already announced that it WILL prosecute anyone who deliberately coughs on ‘key workers’ in the hope of passing COVID-19 on to them. 

Who would have thought that, during this national emergency, so many out-of-control and ‘feral’ youths would have caused so much anguish, hurt and anxiety amongst our truly remarkable NHS/emergency service workers? 

I genuinely worry about the fate of this country if our future generations are so willing to act like complete and utter buffoons. 

I doubt very much that our grandparents acted like this when they were growing up during the last national emergency to hit the country (WWII). 

I know for a fact that my relatives who fought in WWII and who died would be looking back at these idiotic youths responsible for these stupid acts with complete and utter disgust. 

I hope that the book gets thrown at those responsible and hopefully the fact that parents can/will also be prosecuted for not being able to control their offspring will convince more parents to take charge of their kids. 

Meanwhile, the youths responsible for the pathetic and cowardly acts will end up carrying the shame of what they have done for years to come. 

To all of the rest of the kids out there who are managing to get through this national emergency without smashing up hospitals, assaulting/robbing NHS staff and who refrain from attacking members of the emergency services then; we salute you! 

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34 thoughts on “Youths AND Their Parents To Be Prosecuted After Gang ‘Corona-Cough’ In The Faces Of NHS Staff

  1. I’d jail them and put this on as a criminal act so it follows them for the rest of their life

  2. All these irresponsible idoots should be jailed and this will ruin their lives.
    The parents also should go to jail for their kids actions they brought them into this world and have manufactured inhumane stupid kids.

    1. Is there any room in our prisons for these morons. Putting them on prison means we still have to look after them. If they think Covid19 is funny, maybe they should be made to work on the front line on hospitals and see just how funny it isn’t.

    2. The kids should be jailed but not the parents! Would you want your parents to be responsible for something stupid that you’ve done? Also don’t try that “Well I never did anything stupid or against the law so I have nothing to worry about” line, because I bet you have! Almost everybody has but people even kids should be responsible for their own actions and forget the Young Offenders Act, as that just give kids an excuse to act irresponsibly!

      1. Their parents know that they are out when they shouldn’t be. I totally agree they should be punished too. Why do you think these kids are not in school ?? So as not to spread the virus. So why should they be out ?? This is a serious time for us all. Many of the young ones still out and about have not been shown any manners or social morals , or they would be home where they belong. I have 8 grandchildren who have been isolating since school finished. Why have they not ??

  3. Jail terms, heavy fines and particularly national humiliation with names of said vermin AND their parents on all media outlets.

    Time we got Medieval on crime in the UK, especially now!

  4. Tatoo them on their hands or a place that can be seen and put them in prison as terrorists with prisoners that have the virus

  5. Photos and names of all these idiots should be displayed across all media outlets. Then maybe the public can make their lives uncomfortable and embarrassing.

  6. Make them do Army service, A sergeant major would soon knock their stupidity out of them, That along with the thought of having to go to war once trained will have them quaking in their boots.

    1. The army is not a dumping ground for idiots. We want to retain a professional army, not a bunch of brain dead morons!!

    2. Why should the army be lumbered with them. Today’s army is a section of society that is proffessional men and women dedicated to serving the country the last thing it needs is these imbeciles being foisted on them. Prison with hard labour and only allowed out of cells for meals.

  7. These idiots will always be amongst us in society, it’s how we deal with them now that really matters. These morons are probably known already to police or some authority.. They cost us a fortune throughout there lives, personally I would like to see them get their legs broken but I would settle for chucking the whole family into a purpose built camp to contain them until it’s over then punish them severely. Preferably using a sniper.

    1. Put them up against a wall and SHOOT them ,we don’t need people like them ,look at what it cost to keep idiots like this in jail !!,

  8. Exposing the perpetrators in the media would, to a great deal of them, serve as a badge of honor as strange as it may sound. Exposing the parents in the media may have more effect, certainly in their local area, as a result will show them to be irresponsible and may prick their conscience Re proper parenting. Also ensure that the offense is treated as a criminal one which will follow the offenders for years to come particularly when they apply for employment for a long time in the future!

  9. We are paying the cost of allowing their discretions of their youth to go unpunished. A slap around the ear or on the backside when I was growing up taught what was or wasn’t acceptable behaviour. So unfortuneately we reap what has been sown.

  10. Enforced lockdown for the family in one of the many large empty old buildings there are around the country which can be adapted to secure these families, use their assets, like selling their home, to pay for them to be there like the elderly have to when they have to go into a home, and keep them there longer than the duration of the pandemic. Be interesting to see whether they think it was worth it at the end of it when their family have paid for their stupidity!

  11. If they say have coronavirus expose them in the local press or even national so everybody including people they know will shun and avoid them. They will not be so brave when they are lonely.

  12. Education and lots of is needed, both parent and child they should be forced to attend some sort of programme that teaches them social acceptance skills. Only when they have learned this normal skill should they be allowed to mix with law abiding people.

  13. Educate them by strapping each of them onto a chair and leave them in the middle of the Emergency COVID-19 ward surrounded by patients fighting for their lives.

  14. I am old school… I was born in the 60’s.
    Crimes against the national interest, like this… Birching, at a minimum. Capital punishment for more serious offence…
    We are too soft on criminals. There is no disincentive for these youths to “behave”. There is nothing that they are afraid of. A fine and a slap on the wrist is nothing to them. A short holiday in a government institution with 3 meals a day, central heating, and full entertainment services (aka Butlins) is no deterrent.
    The punishment does not fit the crime.
    There is no deterrent.

  15. Put them to work cleaning toilets and picking up litter on the streets and in the parks for 8 -10 hours a day.

  16. Name and shame, and when they get the virus which they probably will do not let them use the NHS

  17. Put their faces on a milk carton, bill board and lamppost in the area they live in. Shame is a life long chain around their necks. Something they will NEVER forget!

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