Budding Army Recruit Knocked Back Due To Six Inch K**b Tattoo On Leg

A potential army recruit has had his dream of joining the army shattered after being told that a six-inch p-nis tattoo on the inside of his leg is too ‘offensive’. 

Kevin Price, 28, convinced someone to give him the tattoo when he was having a drinking sesh round his mates after a night down the pub. 

Despite the army being keen to recruit more soldiers, Price was knocked back from realising his dream after the military said that the tattoo was ‘offensive and ineligible under the current policy’. 

However, the military is renown for its collection of ‘gash tats’ amongst the men and women who serve with some parts of the armed forces often competing amongst themselves for who can get the worst tattoo. 

Price told LADbible: 

“I don’t really get it. I passed the online medical and the phone medical. One of the last steps was to send a picture of the tattoos.

“I have a sleeve on my arm, so I sent them over that. Then I thought I better be honest and send them over the one on my leg. Next thing I know I’ve been told I can’t join.

“I think it’s a bit of a joke as I’m not exactly going to run around in just my boxers am I? 

“I think the moderator was a bit jealous as I have two bigger d**ks than him.”

Price was hoping to join the REME before being knocked back because of the dodgy tattoo. 

According to Ladbible, the response back from the recruiting office was:

“Thank you for completing the Tattoo Proforma and providing further information in the form of photographs.

“Unfortunately based on the information you have given us you are not eligible to join the army, so we cannot progress your application any further.

“Unacceptable tattoos are defined as being any tattoo mark which meets one or more of the criteria listed below;

“Irrespective of its size or position on the body, a tattoo will be offensive if, by its nature, it has the purpose or effect of violating another person’s dignity or creating an adverse environment for others (for instance because it refers to a protected characteristic of gender, sexual orientation, race, religion, nudity, disability or age).

“A tattoo should only be considered to have such an effect if, having regard to all the circumstances, it can be viewed as offensive by an objective standard.

“Unfortunately your tattoo is deemed offensive and therefore deems you ineligible under current policy.

“Thank you for your interest in the British Army. I know this will be disappointing news, but the Armed Forces are unequivocally inflexible when it comes to tattoos.”

I feel sorry for Mr Price. During my own time in the military, I saw tattoos which were far worse than Prices’ gash-tat. 

Do you think that the British Army should have let him join? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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