“As Nice As It Is, It’s All A Bit Hypocritical” | Guest Blog

This short blog was sent into us a police officer who wanted to remain anonymous. Have a read and let us know your thoughts in the comments below: 

“Not sure if worthy of a share for the general opinion on it. 

But after a discussion in the car today with the oppo and mulling it over while patrolling the people flouting the rules and dealing with business as usual in between….its probably going to be an unpopular view, but having worked in the emergency services family for around eight years now, i can’t get past it. 

As nice as it is for the NHS, emergency services and key workers being appreciated by the public and companies at the moment….and I don’t want to be the ‘Debby downer’ on it all…but where were they all the last decade? 

And where will they be in 6-12mths when it’s all hopefully done and dusted or at least on its way back to whatever normality will look like then. 

After the riots and each terrorist attack, the police were/are viewed as hero’s….after Grenfell the fire brigade were heroes, now the NHS are heroes. 

The former two have been forgotten about and back to business as usual with how people treat them and regard them from joe&Jane public up to top levels of government, and so will the attitude towards the NHS sadly. 

I appreciate all of them every day, not just in crisis or when it affects me or mine. 

As nice as it is, it’s all a bit hypocritical. 

How people are now and in crisis towards the NHS and emergency services & key workers….should be the norm!! 

And from the people who can, back the sentiment and words with actions, provide the funding, ppe, equipment and provisions to help them all do their jobs now and going forward past all this!. 

Recent times has brought out the best in people, but also the worst. 

I hope all this shocks people enough to change the self-entitled culture that is the norm now…but I won’t hold my breath!”.

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