Police Forced To Confirm That A Jolly To See ‘Alpaca Parks’ Isn’t An Essential Journey

During the national lockdown, what would you regard as an essential journey? A trip to the shops to get some much-needed provisions? 

If you are a key worker, then getting to work, maybe? Or perhaps calling on a vulnerable relative who you haven’t heard from since the national lockdown started on Monday? 

Most people can work out for themselves what does and, more importantly, what does not constitute an essential journey. 

And I am relatively sure that a jolly down to the local Alpaca park probably would not come up on your radar as being classed as an essential journey! 

But Derbyshire Police had to remind one of their followers that taking the kids to see the Alpaca’s would not be regarded as an ‘essential’ journey under the new rules which the government has introduced. 

‘Julia’ asked: “Can we still take the kids to see alpaca parks which are still open!”. 

And the reply from the social media rep for Derbyshire Constabulary was swift and to the point: “No Julia, that’s not an essential journey”.

So if you had been contemplating a trip to your local Alpaca park then at least now you will know for sure that such a journey is not regarded as essential…

The Alpaca’s are probably thankful for the downtime to be fair. 

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