WATCH: Police Dog Flies From 1st Floor Window After Clearing Suspects House

Police dogs or, ‘Landsharks’ as they are affectionately known, have a reputation for being fearless and loyal companions of their two-legged human counterparts.

Not only do they have no apparent comprehension of fear, but they also do more-or-less precisely what their handlers ask them to do (most of the time). 

So when some firearms officers from West Mercia Police were carrying out a search of an address for a dangerous suspect, they sent a ‘Landshark’ into the property to clear it before searching the building themselves. 

But this wasn’t just any police dog. 

This was PD ‘Karma’ who, as the name suggests, is not only able to dish out some swift karma but who is also able to fly through the air upon command. 

After clearing the property that was being searched, her handler told PD ‘Karma’ to come back. 

At the time of the command being given, PD ‘Karma’ was on the 1st floor of the property and, rather than wasting time by coming back down the stairs, she instead decided to jump straight out of the first-floor window – much to the surprise of the armed officers who were waiting outside. 

In a tweet, Force Operations – West Mercia Police, said:

‘Firearms Support Dog PD Karma @K999Cops gave us a little surprise when responding to her handlers recall. 

‘She’d cleared upstairs for us and was coming back down, but we weren’t expecting this!’ 

The moment PD ‘Karma’ launched herself from the first-floor window was caught by one of the officers body cams:

PD ‘Karma’ flies through the air like a majestic furry missile. She was not hurt during the ‘flight’

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