Refuse Collectors Report Seeing A “30% Increase” In Food Waste As Hoarders Start Throwing Away Out-Of-Date Food

Refuse collectors around the country have started to report drastic increases in the amount of food waste being collected from households as the hundreds of thousands of people who panic bought items begin to throw away the food they never even needed. 

One of the lasting images of the COVID-19 outbreak will be pictures of irrational people fighting over food in supermarkets which they could have bought/had delivered at any time. 

Because there has never actually been a threat to the supply of our food, other than the threat posed owing to people hoarding items just because they saw other people doing the same thing on social media. 

And even though the government and food retailers told people not to panic-buy (because there was no need to), thousands of shoppers went into a zombie-like frenzy as they scooped up anything and everything they could lay their hands on. 

And now, it would seem, most of them not only wasted their time and money but wasted tonnes of fresh produce. 

One refuge collector said:

“In the past two weeks, we have seen a 30% increase in Food Waste collected from households. 

“The additional weight is mainly fresh food that has gone out of date and was never even touched, some still in wrappers”.

So while those of us who resisted the urge to become overnight professional hoarders still have an extra couple of quid in our bank accounts, the individuals who decided to fill their fridges with fresh produce they never even needed will probably be kicking themselves right now. 

But it was always a simple matter of common sense; nobody needed to panic buy because the shops weren’t running out of the items which the panic buyers were buying. 

It was the panic buyers themselves who were creating the problem in the first place!

And now, tonnes of fresh produce are needlessly thrown away as their sell-by dates are rapidly approaching. 

Common sense could have prevented the situation from arising. 

But it would appear that common sense is rarer than toilet paper. But at least toilet paper doesn’t have a ‘wipe by’ date. 

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10 thoughts on “Refuse Collectors Report Seeing A “30% Increase” In Food Waste As Hoarders Start Throwing Away Out-Of-Date Food

      1. Only composite vegetables use the food waste for every thing else or if your like me I feed a fox with meat and bones

    First of all buy only what you ” need”
    Freeze if you have much.
    When it comes to composting, you are feeding BACK to the soil that fed you in the first place.
    Composting is awesome! Concerned about rats, get a cat. Use Vinegar, and dish soap. I know, it works. You must be vigilant to keep burying it at first, tumbling the soil. You will make better soil. The vegees that you compost, may produce more vegees so you will be abundant with blessings. A garden. And less need to go the produce section of the store. The flavors are fantastic!
    You are worried about rats, what about the 2 legged ones you have to drive through to get there, wait in line, the cost, then tripping back. Way too much time is exhausting you, your transportation, your finances. You are draining your own self. Yes. Gardens require energy, yet you will be at home, safe, & sound meaning peaceful. Compost your veggie clippings after each meal, meat; buy only what you need. Follow the brands guidelines how to freeze it, thaw it & cook it. Do not compost meat.

    Some of you All may already know of this, but just for those who did not, a bit of info to help guide you. It’ all good, it’s a learning curve.
    Read up on composting. You don’t need a fancy barrel to tumble it around. Just toss it in your garden and burry it. Best wishes.

  2. for those who can’t afford houses or don’t have good enough credit to get a house with bank loans myself bein such live in apartments and while in apts most apt people can’t have gardens not only cuz management wont allow it but if they did often times neighbors would steal our hard worked for veggies but also neighbor kids would destroy the the plants while their parents think it’s funny and management won’t do anythin about it even if we grow potted veggies they’d get destroyed or stolen so unfortunately ms burns there’s many who can’t have gardens and can’t compost anythin however i wasn’t a panic buyer last weekend i went food shoppin with my baby sister and got enough food to last me 2-3 weeks so i aint gotta go out much and most of what i got that has expiration date will be eaten/used before it spoils

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