Morrisons Install Screens To Protect Their Checkout Staff

As most of us get used to not seeing anyone other than the people we live with, thousands of retail staff around the country are working to make sure that we can still get vital provisions during this (at least) three-week lockdown. 

There has been quite a bit of ‘chatter’ on the internet over the past few days about supermarkets being ‘hotbeds’ for passing COVID-19 around owing to the sheer number of people going to the shops. 

So what about the men and women who are working on the checkouts? 

Until now, we haven’t seen them being afforded any protection from the tens-of-thousands of desperate shoppers they see daily. 

Well, Morrisons seems to have stepped up to the mark and have now started to instal screens on the checkouts at some of their stores to protect their employees from being breathed, coughed and sneezed on. 

Good on you, Morrisons! 

It is only right that the men and women who are helping to keep the nation fed are not forgotten when it comes to protecting people who put themselves at risk of getting COVID-19 to keep the country running. 

Hopefully, more stores and retail chains will follow. 

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One thought on “Morrisons Install Screens To Protect Their Checkout Staff

  1. not a very good screen as there is a lack of screen on her left side in front she is still exposed

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