Paramedic Evicted Via WhatsApp By Landlady Worried About COVID-19

A story is trending on social media about a paramedic who has been evicted from his residence because his landlady is worried about the risk of him getting COVID-19. 

In a post shared on Facebook, Joseph Patrick said:

“When you work as a paramedic for the NHS, and you get evicted over a text by your landlady. 

“Because of this I now won’t be able to work my 12hr night shift tomorrow, so that means one less paramedic on the road. 

“At these unprecedented times of NHS demand, we really need to help our NHS staff more than ever. 

“This isn’t just happening to me but to many NHS staff across the UK”.

The post also included a screenshot of a WhatsApp message that was allegedly sent by his landlady which read:

“Actually Joe on reflection I am now super nervous about having someone from the NHS here as its only a matter of time before you are in contact with the virus.

“Can you organise an Airbnb and collect your stuff tomorrow. 

“Sorry I would normally never do this, but it’s not worth the risk. 

“I’ll charge you for the week and refund everything. 

“Hope you understand”. 

So far, the post has been shared over 2,000 times with offers flooding in to help the paramedic; over 2,000 people have commented on the post.

Sarah Barnes said:

“Hello – where are you based? My mum works for the NHS, and we have a spare room that we are happy to help you with?”

Others pointed out their disgust at what had happened with one person saying:

“Imagine her turning up in hospital and being told ‘sorry I don’t want to look after you as I might get infected’!

“She has to thank her lucky stars that that would never happen. She WOULD be looked after by health care staff that are putting themselves at risk for her.

“What an ignorant cow”.

Whereas another Facebook user said:

“This person is obviously very frightened. 

“No one knows if they have underlying health conditions. 

“Their odds are particularly bad with this virus. I asked my mum if her lodger could move out for a few months as my mum & her partner are in their 70’s. 

“Mum wouldn’t, but the lodger has offered to anyway thank goodness, as she doesn’t want to put them at risk”.

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