Surely Something Is Better Than Nothing, Right?

A few weeks ago, pictures of people wearing facemasks and other PPE in shops etc. were seen as being quite bizarre; almost comical. But now they are the norm. 

In fact, things have changed so much in the last few weeks that if you are spotted in the shops without any PPE, then people look at you as if to say ‘are you mad?’ 

But the image below, sent into us by a follower, is a first (at least for us anyway — and we see a lot of stuff being passed around on social media). 

We are reasonably confident that you wouldn’t have seen a motorcyclist riding around with a facemask on the front of his lid. 

I am not too sure how much protection will be afforded to this rider by his set-up, but it just goes to show how desperate times are calling for drastic measures. 

And remember; your best defence against this deadly virus is to stay away from people. To keep your distance from other people and to keep washing your hands! 

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