Some Shoppers Have No Shame As Food Bank Trolley Is Raided

A Tesco superstore located in Hove (Brighton) has been forced to remove its food bank donation trolley after shameless panic buyers were spotted raiding it. reported that a customer alerted staff to the fact that some shameless panic-buyers were removing items from the trolly that had been placed behind the tills at the Tesco superstore in Church Road, Hove. 

The store had asked shoppers to leave donations with cashiers at the checkouts to help the vulnerable members of the local community who were unable to venture out to the shops. 

Former councillor Chris Hawtree, said: 

“I was shocked to hear in a #Hove supermarket that its food-bank basket has been taken out the back because people were stealing tins from it as they could not find stock to buy.”

There seems to be no end to the stories emerging from shopping isles around the country of greedy hoarders obsessing about buying vast quantities of pasta, wet wipes, toilet paper and other everyday items.

These hoarders are making the situation far worse and are putting a strain on the supply network, meaning that essential items are taking longer to be re-stocked. 

Parents of young children and new-born babies are also finding that the shelves are empty when they look for formula milk, nappies and baby wipes only to find then that the morally corrupt individuals who have bulk-bought the items are then selling them online for up to 5x their RRP. 

Imagine sitting at home with several months worth of baby wipes, nappies, formula milk, toilet roll, pasta etc. etc. knowing that an elderly or vulnerable neighbour or a new parent is sat at home with nothing? 

Some people really are morally corrupt. They have no shame. 

It was good to see that my local Waitrose was actually handing out toilet roll to shoppers one-per-customer this morning. 

Now, they just need to do the same with pasta, baby wipes, paracetamol, nappies, formula milk and tinned fruit & veg. 

And yet despite all this, some people wonder why advanced civilisations from outer space haven’t made mass contact with us yet!? 

Would you want to make contact with earthlings if you were passing through the solar system!? I doubt it! 

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