News Outlet Sets Up New ‘Coronavirus / COVID-19 Support & Information Facebook Group’ For ‘Vulnerable’ People

As we face an unprecedented global emergency, not seen before in recent times, more and more people are feeling isolated and anxious. 

Access to factual information that has not been ‘ramped up’ or ‘spun’ to get clicks is also increasingly hard to find. 

But a Facebook group that has been set up by ‘Emergency Services News‘ hopes to not only offer support for the vulnerable but also hopes to be able to share timely and accurate information about this fast-moving situation. 

In the group’s description, an admin for the group announced:

“This group has been set up by our news team in order to enable the general public to get access to factual information regarding the COVID-19 outbreak.

“It has also been set up in order to offer support to anyone who may need it.

“For example, if you are in a vulnerable situation but DO NOT need immediate help, then it is our hope that fellow group members might be able to offer you some help and/or guidance via this virtual community.

“We have set the group up so that all posts must be approved by an admin prior to being posted. 

“This is because we do not want any ‘fake news’ or false information being shared. 

“Admin group approval will also mean that no SPAM etc. should make its way into the group.

“If our news team spots a story that we think will be of benefit to group members (outside of our own reporting), then we will share the link to the story once we have verified (as much as we can) that the story is genuine.

“And lastly, if you feel isolated or alone then we hope that this group will be able to connect you with other people who are feeling the same.

“If you are elderly or vulnerable or you are a parent who has run out of essential items such as formula milk, then we hope that others may be able to help you.

“Please also note that we are NOT a governmental organisation. We are a news outlet run by former emergency services/armed forces personnel. For the latest advice on Coronavirus/COVID-19 please visit: 


The group has only been set up this morning, so it will be interesting to see just how many people join it. 

But at a time when we are all feeling anxious and isolated, then hopefully this group will be able to connect people and bring people together. 

To join the group, CLICK HERE

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