‘Use Litter Box Until Further Notice – Please Bury It’ Cat Litter Box Replaces Toilet During Loo Roll Shortage

Hows the shortage of loo roll panning out for you? 

Judging by what is going on in the shops around the country at the moment then the chances are that one of your neighbours has enough loo roll to wipe the ar*es of the nation as you try to figure out how to stay clean.

We are now even seeing warnings that because of the amount of ‘alternatives’ to loo roll which are being flushed down the nation’s toilets, then our sewer system could fall apart meaning no end of misery for anyone who wants to open their windows during the warmer months. 

But ‘we’ seem not to be able to follow basic instructions which are intended to not only keep us safe, but to keep us hygienic too. 

But a picture has emerged on social media that could provide an answer in the wake of the great loo-roll void that is currently gripping the nation. 

In the picture below, a cat litter tray has been placed on top of a toilet that has been sealed shut. 

For visual impact and effect, empty loo rolls have even been placed on the back of the toilet to really push home the message about the lack of bog roll. 

On the toilet is a note that says:

“Due to toilet paper shortage…use litter box until further notice…please bury it!!” 

Its all very well providing a cat litter box but, unlike cats, we tend not to lick our own a*ses clean so the issue of not being able to wipe one’s butt is still going to be present. 

Whichever joker came up with the idea either routinely lick their own a*se clean, or he/she has not thought about the bigger picture. 

Either way, the image made us smile 

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