Uproar As Store Charges £20 For A £1 Bottle Of Hand Sanitiser

It would seem that the morals of some stores know no bounds when it comes to taking advantage of the public during a national emergency. 

As supplies of items such as hand sanitiser and disinfectant are rarely being replenished, when they are in stock them some stores are opting to charge an extortionate amount for them rather than limiting their sale to just a few units per person. 

In a tweet, @TrevorCoultMC said:

“In times of uncertainty you get to know who all the a**holes are in society! 

“So remember which stores or shops took advantage of a crisis and tried to rip you off #NameAndShame”.

Credit: @TrevorCoultMC | Twitter

In two images shared online, bottles of ‘Pure Klenz’ hand sanitiser are being sold for £20 and 750ml bottles of Dettol are being sold for £19.99p – both products are usually sold for just a few pounds. 

The pictures sparked anger on social media with one twitter user saying:

“Boycott them and let them feel the pain as they go bust”. 

Credit: @TrevorCoultMC | Twitter

Another user said:

“It should be illegal to profiteer during national emergencies!!!

“We certainly will boycott any shops doing so!”.

When asked which store it was that was selling the items for such an extortionate amount, the Twitter user who uploaded the images said: “The Swag Shop in Walsall”. 

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But what do you think about stores hiking up the prices? 

Should shops be allowed to drastically increase prices during times of a national crisis, meaning that only the well off can afford the protective measures required to help prevent them from getting the virus? 

Let us have your comments in the comments section below. 

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5 thoughts on “Uproar As Store Charges £20 For A £1 Bottle Of Hand Sanitiser

  1. The virus will pass but customers have long memories. Name and shame them all and boycott the lot of them. Wholesalers should start blacklisting these shameless profiteers.

  2. Time to start a national register of profiteering stores , name and shame then boycott !

    1. The rich who could afford air fairs that spread the virus. Are the only ones that could afford to keep buying the hiked up prices of things to fight it.. and who can afford to hored so much crap these days… it’s beyond a joke …

  3. It’s plain disgusting taking advantage of a very serious situation, even if I was loaded I wouldn’t buy from these parasites, where has all the spirit gone from are once proud country?

    1. These shops and eBay and Amazon stores should all be logged. Once we get through this of which we will. One main reason is because most of the human race will pull together. With or without you the evil and greedy minority

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