Couple Spotted Planting Toilet Roll In The Hope That More Can Be Harvested

As we all need a smile on our faces, then we thought that we would share this bizarre video that has popped up on social media.

In the video below, we can see a couple who are planting rolls of toilet paper into a field that has been rotavated (is that the right word?) ready for the rolls of toilet paper to be ‘seeded’.

I am not into gardening (yet), so I have no idea as to how many rolls of bog paper can be grown from a single roll.

But it’s worth a try! And the sight of it definitely bought a smile to my face for about 30 seconds (the length of the video).

Of course, it’s a light-hearted ‘prank’ intended just to raise a few smiles.

We have to add this otherwise people will start “panic planting” their 3-year supply of toilet paper into the ground.

Whole streets could end up being destroyed as people use the ground to plant toilet paper.

You may laugh, but if we told you three weeks ago that people would be panic buying loo roll from the shops, then you would have never of believed us!

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