Royal Navy Sailor Shares His No-Nonsense Thoughts On Coronavirus

As the world starts to enter a phase of panic, there are some people out there who are taking COVID-19 in their stride. 

This was spotted by one of our team being shared on social media (author unknown) and seemed to sum up how many military folks are feeling about COVID-19:

“Thanks to the Royal Navy, I have had my shoes stuck to the stickiest carpets any nightclub the world has to offer. 

“I’ve scrubbed toilets and decks on my hands and knees without gloves and regularly used trichloroethylene to clean beryllium filled cabinets. 

“Been exposed to EMF and ionising radiation. 

“I’ve eaten food cooked by chefs that took a cooking course so hard none of them has ever passed it. 

“Have drunk whatever hooch the locals have had to offer. 

“Done press-ups in the Tamar mud, eaten with diesel and grease-covered fingers. 

“Lived in a tiny space with some of the most disgusting toe picking a*se scratching f*rt mongers the world has ever seen without fresh air or natural light.

“The coronavirus hasn’t got a fu*king chance with any of us matelots. 

“I wonder if that’s why I feel so calm about all of this”.

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2 thoughts on “Royal Navy Sailor Shares His No-Nonsense Thoughts On Coronavirus

  1. Definitely the most sense that’s ever come out of a matelows mouth 😉 from a dirty ex pongo with love

  2. You do realize that if your fit and healthy (which you should be in the navy) you have almost a 100% chance to survice the corona virus! Your comments are pointless…

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