Iceland in West Belfast Set Aside Specific Opening Hours For Elderly Customers

A supermarket in West Belfast has set aside specific opening hours for the elderly, as people continue to ignore the advice being given not to panic buy. 

The spate of panic buying has meant that the elderly and the vulnerable have been left with little to no provisions as those who are at the lowest risk of developing severe symptoms associated with COVID-19 hover up every-day essential items like toilet paper, pasta, tinned food, hand sanitiser and paracetamol. 

The move by Iceland has attracted loads of positive feedback on social media with people applauding the store for being one of the first to act to protect the vulnerable and the elderly. 

The store said that starting from Tuesday, 17th March, that they will open from 8-9 am for elderly customers only.

In a statement they said: 

“Iceland Foods will be opening their store between 8-9 am for the elderly commencing Tuesday 17th March.

“Could the wider public please respect this hour, and understand that this time is allocated for elderly people only”.

Let’s hope that stores do the same for the parents of young children and do the same for the parents of newborn babies. 

Reports have been circulating on social media of parents crying when they find that supplies of formula milk have completely vanished as people start hoarding supplies. 

Supplies of baby wet wipes have also vanished as adults start looking for alternatives to traditional toilet roll, leaving new parents utterly dumbfounded at the total lack of consideration.

As it would seem that the majority of the general public cannot be trusted not to panic-buy items, then many have said that supermarkets must start to do more to prevent shelves from emptying. 

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