WATCH: Could This Be The Longest Shopping Queue Of The Weekend?

Despite all the advice telling us NOT to panic buy most people ignored what was being said over the weekend and instead decided to stock up on provisions which will still be around for the foreseeable future. 

Although people are worried about running out of provisions during a 14-day isolation period, it would seem that we have forgotten about something called ‘internet shopping’. 

We also seem not to have taken into account that, if we do have to self-isolate and we run out of provisions during this time, then something called ‘social media’ means that we can connect with our family, friends or local community and ask them to drop things off at our door. 

But society has a ‘sheep-like’ mentality where, just because one person does something, then everyone else has to even though common sense tells them to do the exact opposite. 

The sight of images and videos on social media of supermarkets with empty shelves only prompted more people to panic buy goods when they did not need to. 

And one video stood out to our team of social media publishers. 

It is a video of a queue of people outside of a Costco that must be at least 300 metres long. 

Imagine the optimism you would need to join the back of that queue knowing full well that by the time you get to the front of the line, then the professional panic buyers would have bought all of the stock anyway. 

Fear not though, because now that most of the professional panic buyers have bought enough toilet roll and pasta to last them months, it will mean that the sensible people out there will be able to stagger their purchases rather than panic buying. 

Which will, in turn, mean that the vulnerable members of our society won’t have to have empty cupboards because the fit and healthy have hoarded all of the essential everyday items. 

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