Rest Home ‘Hits’ Ambulance Crew With ‘Random Act Of Kindness’

These random acts of kindness seem to be spreading like wildfire. 

If this is the first you have heard about this ’cause’ then ‘Hit The Heroes – With Random Acts of Kindness’ is a group on Facebook that was set up to try and bring a few smiles to the fantastic emergency services and health care workers who are trying their best to keep us all safe during these testing times. 

Any unoccupied emergency vehicle is a ‘target’ for these random acts of kindness.

The MO is simple: You see an unoccupied emergency vehicle, and then you leave a gift of some sort on the windscreen. Owing to the COVID-19 pandemic, then you are advised not actually to approach the crews. 

So when Jane Giles, who runs a rest home in Waterloovile, needed to call the emergency services, she wanted to show the medics who turned up just how grateful she and her team (and residents) were for their fantastic work. 

In a post shared in ‘Hit The Heroes – With Random Acts of Kindness’ Jane said:

“My residents made there first hit on Friday 13th March when two amazing paramedics came to our Rest Home in Waterlooville. 

“Thank you ladies, Blair and Pheobe you were fan-blooming-tastic”.

It is this sort of kindness that will get us all through the next few months (make sure that you follow the governments ‘close contact’ and hygiene advice). 

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