Coronavirus Emergency Ambulance Crew ‘Ride Out’ To Ghostbusters Theme

As the world faces a pandemic, the likes of which have not been seen for over 100 years, the emergency services and health care sector are trying to cope with an unprecedented workload.

Health care workers are putting in 18+ hour shifts as they try to keep up with the demand being placed on them. 

You have probably already seen the pictures on social media of nurses falling asleep at their workstations in their full personal protective gear. 

Anyone who has worked in the emergency services, myself included, will tell you that when you are faced with a crisis, then it is imperative to try to maintain your morale. 

And one ambulance crew found two minutes during the ‘storm’ to uplift their spirits by taking part in an impromptu ‘ghostbusters’ dance as they responded to an emergency call. 

We are not sure exactly where in the world the ambulance crew are based. 

But in the video below you can see them in full protective gear having a quick dance to the ghostbusters theme tune. 

It just goes to show how your crewmates really can help to lighten the mood when you are in the midst of a global crisis. 

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