WATCH: This Nail Shop Isn’t Letting Coronavirus Interfere With Its Business

Small business owners around the world are trying to figure out how to keep bringing in the business even though millions of people are being told to stay indoors. 

And when the world is facing a pandemic of epic proportions, then perhaps the last thing you would think of doing, is going to get your nails done. 

But one nail shop (country unknown) has come up with an ingenious way of ensuring that their customers can still get access to their essential services. 

Punters can sit outside of the front door of the shop and just poke their hands through the letterbox. 

A nail technician will then happily go to work on your nails without the worry of being coughed or sneezed on. 

And as the nail technician is wearing gloves, then the risk of the virus being transmitted by hand to hand contact is also quite low. 

I am sure that we will end up seeing more and more of these sorts of videos as the ingenuity of the human race gets tested to the max.

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