WATCH: 100-Year-Old Woman ‘Arrested’ On Her 100th Birthday

To mark her 100th birthday, Ruth Bryant told her family and friends that she wanted to fulfil a life-long dream; of being arrested. 

While most people try to steer clear of the law, Ms Bryant from Roxboro, North Carolina, had always wanted to be put in cuffs and carted off to jail whilst putting up a ‘fight’. 

But because Ruth has always been a fine and upstanding member of society, her wish never came true. Until now. 

The Person County Sheriff’s Office helped fulfil Bryant’s unusual wish when two deputies showed up at her assisted living facility to serve her a warrant. 

And the ‘charge’? Indecent exposure! 

Out of all the possible offences Ruth could have been taken into custody for, she chose indecent exposure. 

Two deputies handcuffed Bryant to her walker and placed her in a patrol car.

They then turned on the lights and sirens to give Ruth that ‘special’ treatment of being rushed back to jail (within the speed limit) – a procedure that is usually reserved for prisoners who turn violent while being transported to custody.  

Before she got in the police vehicle, the deputies warned her not to put up a fight. And that’s when Rith playfully kicked at them, WRAL reported.

“Don’t kick me; I’ve got a bad knee!” said Ruth.

The Courier-Times of Roxboro also reported that as Bryant tried to get out of the patrol car, she told the deputies they should ‘go after another criminal’.

“The people who make these low damn seats in all these cars,” Bryant said. “You ought to arrest every one of them”, she said.

Once in jail, Ruth was given the full ‘rogue citizen’ treatment. She had her mugshot taken and was placed in a cell; albeit only for a few minutes. 

She was also given a bright orange inmate shirt with the words’ Person County Jail’ on it. 

It wasn’t before Ruth was set free and released back into her assisted living community where a cake was waiting for her. 

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