‘No Coronavirus Kept On This Vehicle Overnight’ Message Left On Emergency Ambulance

As the coronavirus pandemic continues to spread around the world like a wildfire, the one thing that will help to keep the emergency services and health workers motivated is a sense of humour. 

I talk from personal experience, having served for several years in the emergency services myself. 

When things get stressful and when you feel like you have given every ounce of your energy to the job, then a sense of humour can give you that much-needed injection of morale. 

And an image that was sent into us earlier on this morning is a prime example of that dark sense of humour that will help to ensure that our emergency services and health care staff keep their spirits up as they battle what will probably be one of the most testing times of their careers.

The ‘No coronavirus kept on this vehicle overnight’ message that was written in the dirt on the back of an emergency ambulance may not seem ‘funny’. 

But unless you have worked in the health sector/emergency services etc., then you probably won’t realise how a dark sense of humour really can prevent you from having a meltdown when you have got virtually no energy left. 

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