Meet The Wonderful Woman Who Has Been Handing Out ‘Little Angels’ To The Emergency Services & Armed Forces

While our admins were trawling through our ‘Hit The Heroes – With Random Acts Of Kindness’ group on Facebook, we noticed an image that had been shared that stood out from everything else in the group. 

It was a picture of some hand-knitted white angels.

With the picture was the caption: 

“Thank you for letting me join, for several Years now Hubby and Myself have been handing these tiny Angels to every Emergency Worker we meet, they are so tiny (1 1/2 Inch Tall) they fit in the pocket Purse or Wallet, and they always have a Guardian Angel with them. 

“I have no idea how many we have handed out but will continue to do so”.

We made contact with Betty Higginbottom – the wonderful lady who submitted the post – to find out more. 

Betty told us:

“It all started because as an Ex Wife of a Former Soldier I appreciate the kind of life they lead and started by giving them to friends Sons/Daughters or Partners who were serving in the Forces. 

“That spread to sending some to a friend’s daughter who was Serving in Afghanistan. 

“The idea being that as they are tiny they fit in a pocket/Wallet/Purse.

“Then Hubby and I went on a visit to the West Yorkshire Police Base at

Wakefield, and as I had some Angels with me, we handed a few out. 

“After that, it just felt right to hand one to any Emergency worker we met.

While we were out and about.” 

When we asked Betty about how many of the little angels she had given out over the years, then she wasn’t entirely sure of the number

“I have no idea how many we have given out,” she added.

“We just carry some with us and give them where they are needed”. 

We also asked Betty about what had motivated her to keep giving the little angels out and what sort of reaction did she usually get from the recipients:

“I believe our Emergency workers/ Forces deserve much more respect than they get and if a tiny Angel helps then so be it. 

“I am sure we have given out several hundred by now.

“Sometimes the reaction is almost shock like they aren’t used to being

respected (which is VERY sad)”. 

Other members of the group applauded Betty for what she is doing and even offered to buy one from her.

But Betty said that she is not interested in making money from her ‘little angels’. 

Other members of the group replied to Betty’s post saying how much they would love one.

But Betty explained that she could not afford the postage to send them out to everyone who had asked for one: “As Much as I would like to we simply can’t afford to mail them to people. Let’s hope we meet sometime,” she said.

Finally, we asked Betty if she had a message for emergency services/NHS & armed forces personnel:

“Our message which we both pass on with each Angel is: Thank you for your Service and STAY SAFE !”.

Needless to say, we are honoured to have Betty in our Facebook group, and it is a privilege to be able to share her story with our readers. 

With so much uncertainty around at the moment owing to Coronavirus, it is nice to put together a short story about someone who is so selfless and who is so thoughtful of other people. 

Betty; we salute you! 

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