Frustrated Shop Keeper Calls Panic-Buyers “Idiots” In No Nonsense Sign

I am not sure about you, but so far I have resisted the sheep mentality that seems to be behind the sudden disappearance in our shops of toilet roll, paracetamol and other everyday items. 

If I have to ‘self isolate’ and need a number 2, then I will probably have a shower after going to the toilet. 

My bowels are quite well behaved and seem to ‘move’ in the evening just before I have a shower. Or in the morning just before I have a shower. Handy that. 

Humanity has been around for 100’s of thousands of years, and toilet roll (as we know it) has only been around for a few hundred years. And we seem to have managed reasonably well. 

If I need paracetamol or Nurofen, then I will wait for the shops to re-stock and then ask a friend or family member to get it for me if I cannot leave the house (they can post it through my letterbox/chuck it through my window).

If I did not have any family or friends, then I would order it online. 

People seem to have forgotten about something called ‘online shopping’ where items are actually delivered to your door. 

I have not got any hand sanitizer gel because all of my local shops have sold out. So I have improvised and do not touch my mouth, nose or eyes until I have got home and have washed my hands. 

If this means that I go hungry when I am travelling from A-to-B then so be it. 

But, as well all know, hoards of people have been panic buying and, in doing so, have left the rest of us extremely low on everyday provisions. 

And one shopkeeper became so frustrated with people panic buying, and become so exasperated with having to deal with customers demanding to know where everything was, that they put a sign up in their shop which read:

“Valued customers:

“Due to the recent outbreak of stupidity and panic-purchasing by complete idiots, the nation is currently experiencing a shortage of toilet paper and common sense. 

“We expect supplies to be replenished once these sheep-minded morons have all starved to death in their homes, surrounded by toilet paper but without anything to eat. 

“Thank you for your patience”.

It would seem that common sense is indeed in short supply at the moment. 

But what do you think? Should we be so harsh on the people who are panic buying? Let us know your thoughts via the comments section below.

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2 thoughts on “Frustrated Shop Keeper Calls Panic-Buyers “Idiots” In No Nonsense Sign

  1. I think the people panic buying have never had to deal with a real emergency, it is extremely selfish. I am staying away from the shops so I don’t have to put up with this idiocy. I’ll stick to my lovely local shop if I really need something and do on line shopping, although that has gone mad too looking at the lack of delivery or clock and collect slots. People need to calm down and be sensible.

  2. There is panic buying and then there is PANIC buying. Its one thing to get a few extra supplies, but some people are getting enough to last all year! Its not a diarrhoea bug. If im sick in bed im not eating much either. I would rather stock up on zooper doopers , lemonade and panadol.

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