Mother & Daughter Thanked By Police For Buying Food For Officers Who Were Dealing With A Serious RTC

This is one of those stories which really makes you appreciate those members of our society who have got a kind heart. 

When officers from Durham’s Road Policing Unit were called to a serious road traffic collision, they knew that they were going to be at the scene for some time. 

When members of the emergency services are called to a serious incident, they can often find themselves being at the scene for many hours without any access to food or water. 

We all know how quickly our energy levels get depleted when we are dealing with stressful situations and how having no energy can affect our ability to concentrate and focus on the job in hand. 

So the officers who were dealing with this road traffic collision were delighted when two kind-hearted members of the public bought them some much-needed calories to keep them going. 

In a post shared on the Durham Police Facebook page, their social media rep said:

“D Relief RPU were on scene at a serious RTC in Brandon earlier this week, and despite being on day shift stayed on duty until after midnight.

“A very kind member of the public and her daughter brought our officers some much-needed food and hot drinks to keep them going.

“The team would like to say a big thank you to both of them!”.

This is proof that there are some kind-hearted people out there still. 

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