‘Hit The Ambulance’ Seems To Have Turned A Bit Sour

So about three weeks ago, a lady came to our team of admins with an idea. 

The idea was to start a ‘game’ called “Hit The Ambulance”. The aim of the game? To leave random acts of kindness on ambulances. 

So we wrote an article about it and made the idea ‘go viral’ when we shared it across the various Facebook pages and groups which we run (around 600k combined followers)

The ‘Hit The Ambulance’ group now has around 40,000 members which is excellent because it means that loads of people are sharing the love with the emergency ambulance service. 

The lady who set the group up did not want to be in the spotlight, so she handed the group over to some other admins. Understandable as not everyone ‘enjoys’ publicity. 

But as a result of the article that we shared, people from other sections of the emergency services – police, fire, S&R, HM Coastguard, lifeboats etc. sent us direct messages saying “what about us”. And rightly so! What about them? They are heroes too, right?

So we thought: ‘why don’t we set up another group called “Hit The Heroes – With Random Acts of Kindness” so that ALL members of the emergency services and first responders can benefit from peoples kindness and generosity? 

Surely there is no issue with that?

Or at least, that is what we thought. But oh how wrong we were. Peoples egos started to manifest their way into our humble group!  

We are being trolled for daring to extend the kindness to ALL of the emergency services, NHS and armed forces! lol

We started being trolled by people who had accused us of “stealing” their idea and their photos even though all the photos we share are images which are submitted into our teeny weeny little group.

‘That’s a bit odd’ we thought – how can you “steal” or copyright kindness?

And besides, the person behind the scheme had asked our team of admins to help give it some publicity (we run several large Facebook pages on social media).  

After a bit of research, it would appear that some members of ‘Hit The Ambulance’ are also members of ‘Hit The Heroes’ and so the images which they have shared in our group have also been shared in the ‘Hit The Heroes’ group. 

And the new admins of ‘Hit The Ambulance’ were NOT happy about this. Or at least, some of them weren’t.  

Hence the influx of ‘bad vibes’ and bizarre accusations of ‘copyright theft’. Strange, right? 

It would seem that our desire to make sure that ALL of the emergency services, NHS AND armed forces get little morale injections has annoyed some people — we extended our group also to include members of the armed forces. 

Well, we make no apologies for giving the public a conduit through which they can share their love with the WHOLE of the emergency services the NHS AND the armed forces.

The Admins of ‘Hit The Ambulance’ keep taking the p*ss out of the fact that we only have 400-or-so members in our group when they have 40,000 in theirs (thanks to our original article that we shared)

The truth is that it was OUR article that made their group so popular. Oh, the irony. 

So look, if you want to join our group then feel free.

If you want to join their group, then feel free.

We really could not give two hoots which group you join and where you share the pictures of your ‘hits’, just as long as you are kind to the emergency services, NHS and armed forces. 

Because all we want is to show the emergency services, NHS and armed forces just how much we appreciate them for what they do. 

That’s why we wrote and shared the original article; to share the love. 

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2 thoughts on “‘Hit The Ambulance’ Seems To Have Turned A Bit Sour

  1. You won’t like my comments. I’m excluded from “Hit the Ambulance as I commented on how it was going. The CLUE was in the title.
    It was not set up as Hit the tinker tailor soldier sailor postman bin man traffic warden road sweeper lollipop person etc etc. As an Ex Emergency Services member I am now an Outcast for having a view.😡

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