WATCH: Member Of The Public Pounces On Suspect Who Had Just Rammed Several Police Cars

The Queensland Police Service (Australia) has released some fantastic footage of the moment when a member of the public jumps on top of a fleeing suspect in Mermaid Waters. 

The video begins with aerial footage of the suspect driving a white pick-up truck which has been boxed in between two police vehicles. 

One police officer tries to smash the driver’s window of the truck at which point the suspect rams both the police vehicle in front and behind it causing a severe amount of damage. 

One officer narrowly avoids being struck by the suspect as he jumps out of the way seconds before his police vehicle is hit. 

The suspect then mounts a grass verge before flooring it.

The 40-year-old dodgy driver then tries loads of different dangerous manoeuvres to try and shake the cops off, but none of them works. 

When you have got a police helicopter flying above you and tracking your every move, then the chances of getting away are slim. 

After driving the wrong way around a roundabout and driving head-first into oncoming traffic, the suspect then jumps out of his vehicle and starts to run. 

But he hasn’t counted on the fact that, just ahead of him, is a male walking his dog who clearly thinks that the wrong-uns who leg it from the police must be stopped. 

As the suspect runs along a footbridge, the member of the public grabs him before throwing him to the ground. 

The suspect continues to struggle but is no match for the good samaritan who keeps him pinned down until the cops arrive as the good samaritan’s dog looks on.

Would you help the police out in this way? Let us know in the comments below! 

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One thought on “WATCH: Member Of The Public Pounces On Suspect Who Had Just Rammed Several Police Cars

  1. Well done to that man – and I love the dog watching and wagging his tail! Dog approves too 🙂 I hope this helps the Police realise that not all of us mops would just stand back and not help if we can and know we do appreciate you and the work you do, even if some tw*** don’t.

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