Motorist Tries To Warn Off Traffic Wardens With Coronavirus Sign

A motorist has tried to ward off traffic wardens after posting a sign on their windscreen that says: “Coronavirus on wipers. Your move traffic warden”. 

In the battle between some motorists and traffic wardens – who love nothing more than to slap a £60 parking fine on your windscreen – then it appears that front line is taking a new form. 

We are used to seeing videos and pictures of arguments breaking out between motorists and traffic wardens, but warning off a traffic warden before they have had a chance to stick a penalty notice on your car is something new. 

We aren’t sure where the picture was taken or when. 

But something tells me that a traffic warden is still going to hit you with a £60 fine should you happen to find yourself in a situation where you are physically unable to return to your car before your parking ticket expires. 

Although, having said that, would you take the risk? 

If I were a traffic warden, then I would just walk on by. But then that is one of the many reasons why I would not make a good traffic warden; I would be letting everyone off. 

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