‘I’ve Met The Met’ Stickers Are Still Finding Their Way Onto Police Vehicles All Around The Country

For some time now, there has been a ‘secret’ game being played between different police forces up-and-down the country. 

And when I say for ‘some time’ I am talking at least 18 years. 

The mission is simple: You buy a bundle of ‘I’ve met the Met’ stickers and then see how many vehicles you can ‘hit’ which belong to forces way outside of the Metropolitan Police District. 

Of course, other forces have been ‘hitting’ Met Police vehicles for some time now as well. But the tentacles of the Met are far-reaching. As the image below shows. 

An ‘operative’ managed to ‘hit’ a Humberside Police vehicle. 

And while usually the stickers are placed in inconspicuous places, this one was planted right in the middle of the Humberside Police crest. 

Good work. 

But I am sure that payback will be swift and decisive. So if you do drive around in a marked Met Police vehicle be on the lookout for someone creeping around your car/van with a funny accent armed with a handful of stickers. 

And if you do manage to plant a Humberside Police sticker on a Met Police vehicle then feel free to send us the picture or video. In complete anonymity, of course.  

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