Police Federation Boss Hits Back At The Social Media Trolls Who Are Fellow Police Officers

We are all starting to get used to social media trolls. These peculiar entities love nothing more than just upsetting people because, well, they probably have nothing else better to do. 

Or maybe it’s because we seem to have evolved into a species that refuses to accept that other people are allowed an opinion that differs to our own. 

Either way, social media trolls take up way too much time and energy than they deserve in return. 

We have heard of celebrities and politicians coming up against their social media trolls. Still, we rarely hear about senior figures within the emergency services having to contend with a troll sitting on their social media doorstep. 

But one such high-ranking figure, John Apter, the Chairman of the Police Federation of England & Wales, has revealed some details of his own social media shadow that lurks in the corridors of anonymity within the internet. 

It would appear that someone has set up a fake account using Johns details in the hope of hoodwinking people into thinking that the fake account is the ‘real’ account. 

In a series of tweets, John revealed:

“Folks, I’m aware of a fake account that’s been set up in my name which is intended to ridicule and mock me. 

“This is alongside the online attacks I receive for doing my job. I accept this is from a minority of predominantly anonymous accounts, so I try to shrug it off.

“The role I do on behalf of the members is something I’m really proud of. 

“It’s a privilege, and I’ll always do my best. What hurts most about the abuse is it’s from so-called colleagues, fellow officers who I would stand next to and support if needed.

“I will never change who I am, the trolls will never win, and I will continue doing what I do for our members until the time comes for me to move on. 

“This isn’t a plea for sympathy; it’s just to highlight my reality. Please don’t feed the trolls; they’re not worth it!”.

It’s odd to think that there is a tiny minority of serving police officers who have John in their targets because, from what we have seen, John seems to have the back of his 122,000 members. 

But we all know what trolls feed to satisfy their dysfunctional personalities: attention. 

So the less attention a troll receives, the more like they are to wither away. 

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4 thoughts on “Police Federation Boss Hits Back At The Social Media Trolls Who Are Fellow Police Officers

    1. It’s not about disagreeing with him! Anyone can do that. It’s about unnecessary and anonymous abuse which, if it is from a cop, is deplorable!

  1. No right minded would send abuse.
    Disagreement, he has to live with as he has put himself on top of the tree and therefore there to be argued with. Most social media accounts are anonymous as we never actually know who is doing the typing or if the person is who they claim to be on line.

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