Fast Food Restaurant Criticised After ‘ACAB’ (All Cops Are Bastards) Acronym Is Found On Food Receipt

A fast-food restaurant has had its knuckles wrapped on social media after an employee added the acronym ‘ACAB’ to a receipt that was handed to a police officer who had stopped in for some much-needed food. 

The ‘Shake Shack’ in Cannon Street, London, allegedly issued a receipt for a ‘smoke shack’ and garlic fries to a police officer who had just had a five-minute break.

Under the ‘guest’ section of the receipt was the acronym ‘ACAB’ which has been widely used recently by protestors who have been trying to cause as much disruption in London as possible. 

‘ACAB’, in the context of someone who shows some disdain for the police, stands for ‘all cops are b*stards’

It was only a few days ago that a Metropolitan Police car was vandalised with the same ‘ACAB’ letters – meaning that the response vehicle had to be taken out of service. 

Of course, anyone with any common sense will realise and note that the individuals who use the ‘ACAB’ acronym would be the FIRST to call the police and demand their help should they, for example, wake up in the middle of the night and find a masked intruder in their property. 

Or they would be the first people to call the police if their child went missing or if they were out one evening and came up against a masked knifeman who was hell-bent on attacking as many innocent people as possible.

But that does not matter to the buffoons who see ‘all cops as b*stards’. 

The people who use the ‘ACAB’ acronym, especially on food receipts, are the sort of individuals who, if faced with an attacker, would run the other way rather than run into the danger. 

A danger that all “bastard” cops run into without any hesitation whatsoever. 

Some people have a short memory…

Twitter was quick to stick up for the police. One user, @TinkerB1985, tweeted to say:

“I won’t be eating there 

“The ACAB thing is what morons tend to shout so I could [not] care less. 

“My issue is that somebody can’t keep their prejudices out of their place of work, a place that serves food. Untrustworthy”.

@FabSiteUK added:

“When some lowlife walks into the shop @shakeshackUK

 with a knife and tries to rob you or stab clients who do you call!?

 “This is appalling whoever did this needs identifying end of!!!”

We did try and contact Shake Shack and even tweeted their CEO. 

Just to give them a chance to explain the situation. Maybe the member of staff meant something else when they added ‘ACAB’ to the receipt under ‘Guest Name’.

But why would a server refer to the sex of the customer? Why not just put ‘his’ name on the receipt!?

A spokesperson for the chain told Emergency Services News:

‘Shake Shack is taking this matter very seriously and our senior leadership team is thoroughly investigating.

‘We do not condone this behaviour, or the views expressed.    

‘We would like to take this opportunity to sincerely apologise for any offence and upset caused’.

Let us know what you think in the comments below. Do you think that the server meant anything other than: ‘all cops are bastards’?

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4 thoughts on “Fast Food Restaurant Criticised After ‘ACAB’ (All Cops Are Bastards) Acronym Is Found On Food Receipt

  1. Disgusting, love or loathe our police, they have a very hard job, this is utterly appalling & I wont use the Shake Shack again if their staff are this moronic!

    1. The company will know exactly who served the officer and their investigation would take approximately 5 seconds, they like to know which member of staff has their fingers in the tills. Time to completely boycott the company and let others know how they treat customers, a new retailer will soon take their place

  2. Gross misconduct, instant dismissal. Or is it ok to refer to customers as bastards? And only a few months ago those bastard cops were in your street protecting you after the terrorist incident on London Bridge. I will not visit your restaurant unless this is dealt with.

  3. Love to see it! repping you @ mystery shake shack worker, big Inspo! so relevant to the current state of affairs, you were ahead of your time :0

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