Could These Children And This Teacher Teach Us A Thing Or Two?

The image itself might have been initially shared on ‘Reddit’ over six years ago, but the picture of these kids still being taught in class although the class being under 4ft of water could teach us all something.

Despite doing some research on the internet, I have been unable to find exactly where in the world this photo was taken.

But mutterings on social media suggest that it has ‘clearly’ been taken in a ‘third world country’.

But can you imagine if the same thing happened over here!?

I am not saying that it ‘should’ or shouldn’t’ but am instead suggesting that maybe our resolve to bunker down and get stuff done when faced with adversity has diminished somewhat.

At a time when schools have been closed due to a couple of millimetres of snow being on the road, then we need to ask ourselves what frame of mind we actually need to be in to get things down at a time when the world is facing more extreme events.

But what do you think?

Should we be showing more gritted determination in the face of adversity, or have we got it about right?

Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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