Why It’s Always Important To Search Your Prisoner

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If you are a police officer, prison officer or detention officer, then booking your detained person (DP) into custody can be a bit of a stressful affair. 

Especially if your DP has particularly bad hygiene problems or they are trying to cover you in spit. 

But a momentary lapse in concentration could leave you with a cake fine so big that you will be paying it off for at least the next few years. Mr Kipling will be happy, but your bank balance won’t be.

An image that has surfaced on social media that highlights just why you should always take the time to make sure that your DP has not ‘hidden’ a phone somewhere about their person. 

The picture in question shows a DP in a cell with his microwave meal as he poses for the compulsory ‘in custody’ selfie. 

I would hate to think of the negative reviews which he probably left on Trip Advisor as he sits in his cell, typing away on his mobile phone. 

And judging by the fact that he is clinging on to an ‘all-day breakfast’ then chances are that he was an overnight ‘customer’. So you can only imagine what else he got up to and who else he spoke to. 

Definitely a considerable cake fine…But what do you think the cake fine should be? Let us know in the comments below

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  1. A doughnut, representative in size to the that of the doughnut searching the d/p

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