WATCH: Uproar As HS2 Security Officers Appear To Force Emergency Ambulance To Do A U-Turn

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A video has emerged on social media (scroll down) that appears to show the moment when an emergency vehicle, with blue lights activated, is refused access to a through-road to a hospital, forcing it to turn around. 

The road had been closed owing to the on-going H2S work which is being carried out up-and-down the country. 

Chris Packham, who uploaded the video to social media, said in a post:

“The pure arrogance of High Speed Two Ltd never fails to shock me. Where is the logic in turning away blue-light ambulances and letting other cars through? Is there any?”. 

“So we’ve got an ambulance coming through. What also happened last night was the road was closed, and an ambulance had to do a u-turn.

“This is a major route to the heart hospital Harvill Road and HS2 obviously hadn’t informed the ambulance [service]”.

The protestor then shouts at the security staff to ‘let the ambulance through please’, but her pleas are ignored by the men in bright orange coats who instead hand her an ‘HS2 Helpline’ card. 

“And again, they’re not letting the ambulance — PLEASE LET THE AMBULANCE THROUGH” the protestor can be heard to shout. 

“So yet again they’re not letting the ambulance through and this is now the second ambulance that hasn’t been able to get through Harvill Road.

Again, the person filming the encounter shouts “Please open the gates and let the ambulance through! I can’t believe that yet another ambulance is being turned around and it’s a blue-lighted ambulance!

“You guys, this is more important – why isn’t this ambulance being let through?

“The gates at the other end are open, why isn’t this ambulance able to come through?”.

As someone in high-vis orange jacket hands the protestor a small piece of paper with the HS2 Helpline number on it, she pleads: “Please don’t hand me the HS2 helpline number!”.

Meanwhile, the emergency vehicle that was on blue lights can be seen to reverse off into the background. 

The protestor can be heard to say: 

“There is somebody’s life in that, and this is an ambulance. You’re letting cars through and diesel lorries, and you’re not letting ambulances through.

“Please, please call the HS2 helpline everybody; this needs some real action. This is the second ambulance that’s had to make a u-turn”.

The protestor then addresses her viewers directly before the video ends. 

Let us know what you think about the this in encounter in the comments below. 

Our team reads every comment posted and is interested to hear your thoughts about this incident and about HS2 in general.

HS2 Ltd blocks blue-light ambulance from passing by

Watch this , and then share it . The pure arrogance of High Speed Two Limited (HS2 Ltd) never fails to shock me . Where is the logic in turning away blue-light ambulances and letting other cars through ? Is there any ? Video: Extinction Rebellion

Posted by Chris Packham on Saturday, February 8, 2020

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  1. There are signs posted half a mile, down that road saying the road is closed.

    All emergency services have been informed!!

    Show us the ( force ) being used by security..?!

    Why would we take your word..!!?

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