WATCH: Tiger Chases Tourists On Safari Bus In India During Epic Tug-Of-War Battle

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If you own a cat (or rather, if you are lucky enough to be owned by a cat), then you know the perils of dangling ‘something’ in front of it. 

But for some tourists who were enjoying a safari in Raipur, India, they found out first hand for themselves how the bigger cousins of our domestic four-legged friends have just as much passion for ‘dangly things’ as their smaller, more domesticated relatives. 

When a tiger grabbed onto a piece of material that was being dragged behind a safari vehicle, then one of the tourists on board did exactly what most tourists would do; they pulled out a camera and started recording! 

The tiger looked up at the passengers on the jeep in a longing and hungry way, before grabbing hold of the cloth and pulling it. Hard. 

According to Jam Press, the Chhattisgarh Forest Department, which organizes and supervises tours in the region, said that the tour guides should have ‘de-escalated’ the situation. 

I’m not quite sure how you ‘de-escalate’ a situation like this? Perhaps not letting the material dangle from the back of the jeep in the first place would have been a good start>

Towing a rag behind your vehicle as you take some tourists on a ‘big cat’ trip is never going to end well. 

Tiger gives hot chase to bus on a wildlife safari in India

Tiger gives hot chase to bus on a wildlife safari in India

Posted by Gulf Today on Monday, February 17, 2020

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