WATCH: Man Spotted In The Gym Using Treadmill With A Samurai Sword

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Most of us can agree that exercise is a good thing and that it is easier to train down the gym than anywhere else. I have seen fitness enthusiasts setting up ‘mobile gyms’ down my local park, in the rain, and I think ‘why?’.

I have been a regular gym-goer for six years now so am used to seeing and hearing some weird stuff (big shout out to the lads who grunt as if they are trying to give birth to a watermelon as they bench press 100kgs – you guys rock). 

I have seen my fellow gym buddies wearing their gas masks as they use the treadmill, and I have witnessed gym folk doing some odd stuff on the resistance machines. 

But I have never seen someone training down the gym with a samurai sword. 

I think this is all just for show, and really he is just trying to prevent people coming over to him and asking: ‘have you got long left on that mate?’.

Let’s face it; if you were waiting to use the treadmill, then you are probably going to refrain from asking this guy how long he is going to be. 

Have you seen any strange things in your local gym? If so, let us know in the comments below. 

Whoever pissed this dude off count your freakin days

Posted by Jamaal Bachelor on Thursday, February 21, 2019

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