WATCH: ‘Cop Gets Splashed By Motorist’ Video Gets Debunked

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This morning, a few of our followers sent us in a video of what appears to be a police officer getting intentionally drenched after a car full of lads drives past him just as he walks past a massive puddle (video at the bottom of the article). 

Before doing the deed, the car driver drops off one of his mates on the other side of the road who is set up to record the whole encounter. 

Meanwhile, the lads in the car set themselves up, ready to drench the ‘police officer’ as he seems to wait by a large puddle mysteriously. 

As the officer walks past the big puddle, then the car speeds up and soaks the ‘officer’ before pulling up and reflecting on their ‘work’ for the day. 

Secondly, where is his vehicle? Throughout the video, the ‘officer’ seems just to be stood next to the puddle without any sign of his car. Funny that.

The puddle isn’t even a flood. It’s just a puddle; albeit a big one.

During my ten years in the police, I was never called to inspect a puddle, and I would have never stood right next to a puddle as cars come whizzing by. 

After the ‘splashing incident’ the ‘officer’ can be seen to throw his cap on the floor. But he wasn’t wearing the lid when the car drove by. He had it attached to his belt. 

Police officers don’t carry their caps with them. They either wear them, or they leave them in the car. 

The road might be busy for cars, but there are hardly any pedestrians around so I doubt that someone would have called the cops because there is no ‘danger’ to pedestrians. 

And when you look at the freezeframe that we have as the featured image, then the ‘police officer’ doesn’t even appear to have a utility belt on. He just has he cap on the back of a standard belt.

The whole thing seems to have the aroma of a prank that has been set up to get views. And most people seem to have found it quite entertaining, so job done. 

But anyone who was watching the video and who was getting a kick from the thought that a ‘police officer’ has just been drenched by someone driving through a puddle, might be a bit disappointed. 

Because I doubt that he is actually a copper. 

But what do you think? Let us know in the comments below! Is the male who got drenched really a copper, or is he a mate of the lads filming? 

Extreme Splashing a Police Officer 😂 Courtesy of Storm Ciara 🤣🤣

Extreme Splashing a Police Officer 😂 Courtesy of Storm Ciara 🤣🤣 Follow and Like >>>>>> Britains Most Wanted<<<<< for more!!!!

Posted by Britains Most Wanted on Thursday, February 13, 2020

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