WATCH: Appreciative Motorcyclist Tracks Down Cops To Give Them Fast-Food Vouchers

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A grateful motorcyclist by the name of ‘Citrus Elmo’ (cool name) has filmed himself as he moves around his local town trying to find police officers to give $5 ‘Chick Fil A’ vouchers. 

In total, the generous motorcyclist buys $25 worth of vouchers before heading out on his Suzuki SV motorbike to try and find some starving police officers. 

At one point in the video, he even chases down a cop before he stops at a red traffic light. 

It isn’t long before the top samaritan finds his first recipient; a police officer who is parked up in his patrol car. “I’m nervous as hell,” says ‘Citrus’ as he walks up to the driver’s side of the police car. 

With his crash helmet still on, he signals the police officer to wind down his window and says: “What’s up, buddy?”

“I wanted to give you guys – I love our men and women in blue – I wanted to give you a $5 gift card at Chick Fil A, get you guys a free lunch, ok?”

The startled police officer says: “Thank you sir” and happily takes the card of off Mr Elmo. The good samaritan then says”God bless you, buddy, ok” before shaking the police officers hand and leaving. 

As he tries to find more police officers, he stumbles across two cops who are next to their marked patrol vehicle. He again approaches them both and gives them a card each; much to their bemusement. 

It turns out that the final police officer to get the $5 gift is a police Sargeant who used to go to high school with Mr Elmo. 

A great way to finish such a nice gesture of goodwill. 

Although, some of the police officers might end up getting some heartburn as deep-fried chicken never goes down well during a shift in the heat! Especially not with body armour on. 

But it is great to see an enthusiastic member of the public letting the police know how grateful he is for the sacrifices which they make. 

I must admit though that I probably would not be approaching cops with my motorcycle helmet on – unless it was an open face one – just in case the police thought that I was going to cause them harm. 

We have seen a few cases recently where members of the public have approached officers to assault them. 

But thankfully, this motorcyclist is one of the good guys. 

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  1. God Bless this biker, and all the men and women in blue, who risk their lives on a daily basis to protect us all!!

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