The Spare Wheel Cover Every Motorist Should Have

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If you own a Jeep, then you have probably got a spare wheel strapped to the back of your vehicle that also makes for a handy perch for any birds which want to empty their bowels onto your car. 

And this is probably why, if you have got a wheel clamped to the back of your car, then you have probably got a fancy wheel cover too. 

I have seen these wheel covers with peoples names on them and with phrases such as ‘powered by fairy dust’ – whatever that is supposed to mean. 

But one jeep owner has found a half-decent tyre cover that is worthy of the prime position on the back of your mini 4×4. 

I say this because we have all seen the videos on social media of people who just carry on driving despite there having only just been an accident in front of them. 

Maybe the word “problem” will encourage them to stop and help. But I doubt it. 

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