Soldier Instantly Regrets Sharing His Wetherspoons Table Number On Social Media

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If you are a frequent flyer to your local Wetherspoons pub, then you will probably already be aware of the ‘Wetherspoons app game’ and just how risky it is to play. 

But if you try to avoid Wetherspoons, then allow me to share the rules of the ‘Wetherspoons app game’ with you:

First, you share your location and your table number on social media. Already, you are probably thinking ‘wtf’ – depending on what your friend’s list is like. 

After you have shared your details with a whole host of randoms, people are then able to order food and drink for you. 

Chappers got more than he bargained for

So when Soldier Alan ‘Chappy’ Chapman told his military mates to ‘do your worst’ then, as you would expect from the military, they did not disappoint. 

According to TeesideLive, after ‘Chappy’ shared his details on social media, a total of 165 orders came his way! 

The tables in Wetherspoons pubs are not that big, so I am guessing that most of the ‘gifts’ ended up on the floor. 

Included in the 165 items which were sent to this table were: mushy peas, cakes with tomato sauce and sides of black pudding and milk. 

So it’s not even like his pals were setting him up for the night because I am sure that the food being sent to his table would be enough to make him throw up. 

The 35-year-old, who works in the army’s bomb disposal unit, said: 

“I was having a quiet Friday, we were going to London to have a sesh (the next day).

“Things escalated quite drastically.

His social media chums had no problem sending alcohol free beer to his table

“I think they had already served us something along the lines of 50 or 60 drinks, then he (the manager) was like ‘that’s it, we are stopping it now’.”

“I was a little bit intoxicated, I had a little bit of a bad head the next day, what makes you bad makes you better”.

Also sent to Chappers table were: 30 jagerbombs, non-alcoholic beer, cakes, steaks and cheese. 

Chappers and his pals managed to finish all of the drinks (obviously) before the manager told them that further orders had been banned. 

The whole episode clearly left a bad taste in Chappers mouth after he posted: “I will NOT be sharing the table number again this time”. 

But he did also confirm that he ended up having a good (and cheap) night out, which is a result. 

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  1. Don’t know why the manager would complain. I assume it was all paid for on line with the orders.

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