Sad Scenes In France As Police Clashed With Firefighters During Last Weeks Protests

Another video has emerged on social media of the moment when french riot police clash with firefighters who have been protesting against cuts to their pension and their overall working conditions. 

In the video below, police and firefighters stand toe-to-toe and fight each other in front of stunned onlookers who can be seen fleeing from the area. 

Thousands of firefighters took to the streets last Tuesday, starting small fires and setting their protective jackets alight as they demanded better working conditions. 

Loads of videos have been uploaded to social media over the last week, which shows battles between the two divisions of the emergency services. 

“We are the final link in the chain of emergency aid in France, and we are overwhelmed by call-outs,” said Frederic Perrin, head of the SPASDIS-CFTC union.

The firefighters have been calling for staff levels to be maintained and have also been demanding that their existing pension system be protected. 

They have also said that they want their salaries to brought in line with those of the police service. 

“We need the staffing and means to respond to this and also a guarantee that we can concentrate on our core missions, emergency response, and not serve as a supplement to absent health services,” Perrin told AFP.

Unions representing the firefighters later called off the movement after what they said was a satisfactory response from the French government, which included an increase of their salary premium for risk-taking.

You’d think that Police attacking Firefighters would make the news

Stuart Richards @GMBStuart·20h You’d think that Police attacking Firefighters would make the news But no, @BBCNews , @itvnews and @Channel4News continue to ignore the protests in France #GiletJaunes

Posted by Walking the Breadline on Monday, February 3, 2020

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  1. wow… just wow.. police v;s firefighters. It just should never happen.

  2. Just how on earth do these two groups expect to work together after they way this is unfolding? Calmer heads, from both sides need to realise that whether they are in the right or wrong, that they are not enemies, they rely on each other every single day… And this protest should never ever have deteriorated into violence……

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