‘Quaking Mad’ Thieves Leave Duck Behind As They Flee From Shop

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After attempting to steal from a shop in Birmingham, some hapless thieves left behind a rather unusual item. A duck. 

West Midlands Police response units said that two male suspects had taken a duck into a store on Lozells Road in the city centre on Saturday. 

After security officers spotted them, the pair were chased out of the shop, but they clearly do not subscribe to the view of never leaving a man (or a duck) behind. 

In a tweet shared on the @ResponseWMP Twitter account, a spokesperson for the unit said: 

In truth, the duck has probably had a lucky escape as it no doubt would have been on a plate within an hour as let’s face it, there would be no other reason for the wrong’uns to have him! 

I have little doubt that there is now a family of ducks floating around in a pond somewhere, wondering where the heck their mate is. 

As you would expect, the ‘duck puns’ came flooding in from Twitter users as they made light of the rescue. 

We only hope that the RSPCA gave the duck a bill of good health before releasing him back into the wild. 

Leave your best ‘duck puns’ in the comments below. The winner wins the satisfaction of making people laugh. 

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